Society Labels

I don’t believe in labels. I think that categorizing yourself with a group with mostly similar interests limits you to certain exposure, that is, a guilt-driven obligation to comply with the general dos and don’ts of that social norm. It is like wearing a uniform thinking cap. What is flawed about this is that your train of thoughts ends up following a track instead of wandering freely like it’s meant to. ‘Not all those who wander are lost’ – J.R.R Tolkein. Free spirit thinking allows you to pursue an infinite amount of destination, with as many or as little obstructions and detours as you wish. However labels do work as an abstract idea of who we are to others. Outside of the idealistic realm, first impressions are rarely drafted from a handshake and a sixty second conversation about the weather (maybe in speed dating). These first-time labels allow us to identify what type of people we are working with. But that is about the extent of its worth. Some think of the no label, no collar culture as hedonistic; committing only to pleasure and driven solely by the greatest level satisfaction for the soul, accomplishing only short-lived goals, living out our days without any form of conformity. Although that may hold true to one end of the freethinking spectrum, most of us are hampered by other things beyond our open mind. We all have loved ones and indispensable obligations (like making enough money to pay rent) that drive us to strive beyond basics. Therefore to make the most out of our short lives, do not be afraid to open doors beyond our comfort zones. Most of us don’t live long enough or have the chance to explore the entire physical world, let alone the abstract minds. Branch out and try something new everyday. Let your mind and spirit flow where the thoughts river leads them.


4 thoughts on “Society Labels

  1. You touch on about a bajillion good points, especially your views on the importance of first impression and ones need to think outside the “uniformed thinking cap” (😜) forced by social norms! But I don’t see labels as useless, much less harmful! Being labeled with a certain group/idea can SOMETIMES be helpful in giving one a goal or motivation, can make one feel included, as part of something greater then themselves, wouldn’t you agree?! Silly labels like “slut,” are exactly that, silly. I’m referring to labels like “activist” or even a “jock”! Sure it makes it harder to break out of this mold if you don’t like it, but as one Benjamin Franklin once said “there are no gains, without pains.”

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    1. Great point Maryam. Goal alignment is definitely necessary in creating a strong society. However thoughts exploration is important as well! Take conglomerate mergers for example. Diversification yields great and unpredictable results in business, imagine what it could do to your mind! 🙂


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