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A little bit about myself,

My name is Aireen. Because of my impossible to pronounce Thai last name I am often referred to as ‘K,’ a name I sometimes forget I have. I try to occupy my time by staying involved in the theatre community both at my school and in my city. Most of my friends live abroad so visiting them is a lot of fun! My hobbies include making friends and real intense bracelet making, sometimes both. I am passionate about domestic social change and youth empowerment.

I live the best of both worlds. I spend about 2/3 of the year living in London, ON, where I’m doing my theatre studies degree at Western University. The rest of the time I rotate between visiting family in Bangkok and best of friends in Vancouver, as well as travelling everywhere in between.


Why I have a travel blog

Sometimes our lives are put on hold because we cannot be where we want to be. I’ve found that the best way to get the most out of it is to have the enthusiastic attitude of a tourist, that is, appreciating unique view points, questioning ever norms, and having the eagerness to engage in new conversations.

Fortunately I am able to take advantage of few of the highest traffic areas in the world by joining in on other people’s travel experiences and in a way make it my own, through curious dialogues and mutually enjoying the simple local commotions. Not only is this local expedition merely enjoyable, but it has so far given me much more eccentricity and has greatly broadened my network.


What I have learned through that is: you don’t have to be on the road to enjoy diversity. That is how to live like a global nomad.

And I hope to share my experiences with you here. I blog primarily about thought stimulating, embarrassing and cringe-worthy, overall-intense and sentimental travel stories with new paradigms that emerge from those experiences.

Thanks again for letting me share with you!

I’d love to interact with you too, so leave me your thoughts

Much love!



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